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Straight Answer Machine

by Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P.

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Samuel Flynn Scott, lead singer of The Phoenix Foundation, spent 2007 writing and recording music for Taika Waititi's film 'Eagle Vs Shark' and for The Phoenix Foundation’s third album 'Happy Ending'. This year Samuel Flynn Scott presents his second solo album ‘Straight Answer Machine’ (following his solo debut ‘The Hunt Brings Us Life’ from 2006).

Leading his own band ‘Bunnies On Ponies’ through Lee Prebble’s infamous The Surgery recording studio in Wellington, resulted in a more oblique and grown up sound that deviates from the quirky Americana of his debut, instead communicating a dystopian landscape of melodic pop.

“Going into the studio so soon after finishing Happy Ending was almost accidental. Me and Craig Terris just popped in to lay down an idea, because Lee had a day free in the studio. In about 3 hours we had ‘Moist People’. So we decided to book a few days before Christmas. It was always going to be Craig (drums, vocals), Tom Callwood (bass, vocals) and me but I was keen to get Matt Armitage in on the sessions as well. I asked Matt to come and play guitar primarily, but he ended up playing piano and Wurlitzer on most of the record. Those festive season sessions resulted in ‘Black Mark’, ‘Leave Me Alone’, ‘All My Dreams’ and ‘Your Own Head’. The recording just felt so unforced that we decided to push on, and after about 12 days in the studio we had a mixed record.” - Samuel F. Scott.

Pressing play on the opening track and lead single ‘Llewellyn’ is like falling down the rabbit hole and finding yourself in Samuel’s wonderland. Hypnotic reversed electric guitar notes sprout through grassy acoustic strings underfoot. Samuel’s lyrical magic paints swirling imagery that surrounds you as his echoing voice gently beckons you to follow him. A request that is completely irresistible.

Lilt along ‘Sodium Ions’, a path featuring structured rolling guitar phrases accompanied by bubbles of brass (played by Cassette/Head Like A Hole alumni Thomas Watson) that drift by and pop in the distance. ‘Raver On Probation’ sails up, a sing-a-long ship that introduces classic rock’n’roll elements further emphasized in ‘Leave Me Alone’, which hoists you on board and rallies you in with the animated hand-clapping crew.

Lie back on ‘Black Mark’ beach and watch the clouds overhead as ukulele melodies dance over the bass waves on the shore… discovering the rest of this wonderland is up to you.

“The songs on this record have been inspired by a number of experiences. Traveling to the US with The Phoenix Foundation, playing in a Rock’n’Roll covers band, and jamming on ukuleles with Matt. But I think more than anything this is a band record. The Bunnies On Ponies set out be a psycho-tropic folk feast and after almost 3 years of taking it slowly we have finally found that sound. Feeling so good about this band also made me less self conscious of sounding like The Phoenix Foundation, it was more case of trusting instincts and first ideas. I guess that’s how you make a record in under two weeks!” - Samuel F. Scott.


released April 20, 2008



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Samuel Flynn Scott Wellington, New Zealand

In 2004, Wellington musician Samuel Flynn Scott crafted a handful of songs that did not quite fit the mould of his band, The Phoenix Foundation.

Scott formed a new band called “Bunnies on Ponies” & led them into the studio. The result is the Samuel Flynn Scott debut solo album “The Hunt Brings Us Life” (2006) & “Straight Answer Machine” (2008) released under the name “Samuel F Scott & The BOP”.
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